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Christian Rapp. Its time to stop ignoring the elephant in the room! What up in Christian Rap?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Top 15 Most Anticipated Christian Rap Albums Of 2022 Justin Sarachik December 30, 2021

2022 is coming in a few days and is set to be another year full of releases from Christian rap artists. Rapzilla has gathered information about upcoming releases in 2022, and these are the most anticipated releases for the upcoming year. Some of these we were waiting for in 2021! 15. Hulvey & Torey D’Shaun – Untitled Album Just like in 2021, we are still waiting for Hulvey and Torey D’Shaun to debut their joint project in 2022. The project was officially announced by Hulvey on Rapzilla’s Pen Game 101 and the duo seems to follow the route of legendary rap group OutKast.Their chemistry is undeniable, so we can only hope. In 2021, Hulvey dropped the acclaimed Christopher and then followed it up with Coma. Torey didn’t drop a project but had a number of dope singles including “This Ain’t That” and “Scam Likely.” 14. nobigdyl. – Untitled Album We predicted a nobigdyl. album for 2021. In 2020, he was one of the most consistent artists releasing three singles, a chopped and screwed album, and a Christmas EP. It seemed like a good time for the follow-up to his 2019 project LOWERCASE TAPE. Instead, we got a group project from indie tribe. which was amazing. We know dyl. is poised for another project in 2022 especially since he went out with “What a Day” and “100K.” 13. DJ Mykael V – Untitled Christian-hip-hop’s favorite DJ was set for his debut album A Star in Daylight in February 2021. Then he told us “life happens.” Mykael told us the name will be different, but whether we get it or not, we’ll see. At least he gave us some moments on indie tribe.’s UPPERHAND. 12. Mogli the Iceburg – Untitled Mogli the Iceburg is someone who is constantly making music. Whether he is producing beats for fun, experimenting with covers, recording rock songs, or just plain old rapping, there’s definitely something coming in 2022. Aside from UPPERHAND with indie tribe. Mogli hasn’t released a project since 2020’s Sad People Make Dope Music 2. He hasn’t made a hip-hop project since 2017’s Tumultu. He many times has talked about coming back to make a rap album, will 2022 be the time? 11. GAWVI – Untitled In 2020 GAWVI dropped the incredible Heathens project. This year he dropped a Spanish album called Noche Juvenil. During an interview with us on Pen Game 101, he stated he wanted the Heathens follow-up to drop in the Fall of 2021. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but if he was talking about it, it’s coming in 2022! 10. Tedashii – Untitled You know what? It’s time for some new Tedashii. There is no way that even Trip Lee is getting back in the ring to rap and Lecrae may be going out of the ring of rap that Tedashii doesn’t drop something. His last release was in 2019 with Never Fold and we have it on good authority you’ll be seeing something soon. 9. 1K Phew – Untitled 1K Phew obviously just released No Church in a While with Lecrae, but he hasn’t had a solo project since What’s Understood 2 in 2019. We can anticipate something completely on his own or possibly with the 1K Famo in 2022. He’s made the rounds saying he’s dropping too! 8. Trip Lee – Untitled Trip Lee is back to making music after nearly five years of full-time pastoring. His last release was The Waiting Room Mixtape in 2016. This year he gave us two-track, “You Got It” & “Supernatural.” As he showed us in our interview with him, he’s got a folder on his phone with 100s of songs. The project is coming, he just has to announce it. The only question is – when? 7. Social Club Misfits – Untitled Social Club Misfits dropped their Feared by Hell project in 2020 and then a remix of it in 2021. Mary and Fern are pretty consistent with releases so we should expect something to drop in 2022. Apparently, they aren’t holding back either. 6. Fern – 68 and Douglas 2 Fern of Social Club Misfits dropped 68 and Douglas in 2015. He’s obviously very busy with SCM and his homemade hot sauce brand but in 2020 he was sending (Justin) demo verses and freestyles weekly. All of this writing and practice has to culminate in a project coming soon. Plus, he said himself part two is long overdue. 5. Ty Brasel – Destiny: Vol. 2 Ty Brasel has been dropping his projects in two-parters lately. Destiny: Vol. 1 (The Mixtape) if following the formula of Destined for Greatness will be preceded by Destiny the album which will be part one and a new batch of songs (part 2) attached. It would even be safe to say that most if not all of the project is recorded and he’s just waiting for some time to pass between releases. 4. Datin – CHH Ain’t Dead 2 & The New Ark The follow-up to Datin’s 2020 acclaimed CHH Ain’t Dead album was set to release in 2021. Datin may have shifted focus with this and hopefully, we’ll get to see it. The New Ark is a project Datin has been working on for years. If it has taken this long we know it’s going to be good. 3. Derek Minor – By Any Means By Any Means was set to close Derek Minor’s four-part Up and Away series. In an interview with Rapzilla, Minor shared the project has been done for two years and was held up by a producer. We have since learned via Derek that the whole project was scrapped. The version of it that we get will be completely new. Will 2022 finally be the year we see it or will we get something else? 2. Lecrae – Church Clothes Vol. 4 Church Clothes Vol. 4 was supposed to wrap up Lecrae’s music career. At least that’s what he told us in 2020. Since then he dropped No Church in A While with 1K Phew. The project will undoubtedly drop in 2022, and we’ll see if Lecrae really retires! 1. WHATUPRG – New Hollywood Were you expecting something else?! New Hollywood, the highly anticipated debut album of WHATUPRG, will finally release in 2022. The album was supposed to release on September 25, 2020, but was pushed back to 2021. Then RG told us personally that is was coming in September of 2021 in Atlanta. Just recently RG dropped an incredible collab track called “Praise” and also had a highlight verse on Phew & Crae’s album with the song “Save Us.” The time is right, plus Reach A & R Ace Harris said it was coming in the first quarter of 2022!

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